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WeedCo - Tucson Weed Control Services

Stop the weeds before they start!

WeedCo is a local business that is licensed and insured. We take tremendous pride in our work and love to keep our properties weed-free. We are registered with the BBB and listed as a premier service with WeedCo employs certified applicators and is licensed through the Arizona Department of Agriculture. License Number: 9705

We offer a pre-emergent and post-emergent spray on all residential and commercial properties.


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Weed Control

Use our service twice a year and never worry about weed problems again!

We spray a pre and post-emergent. The pre-emergent will prevent weeds from growing for 5-6 months. The post-emergent will eliminate any weeds you currently have. If we have the honor to spray your home or business twice a year, you will be weed free!

Weeds are like the common cold – if not treated correctly, they can spread very fast. Your once beautiful, clean yard will be covered with green weeds in a blink of an eye!

Pre-emergent applications are great for residential and commercial properties, especially yards that are currently weed-free. The product works itself into the soil and remains there for up to 6 months! This means there won’t be any new weeds popping up in the middle of the summer. If you already have weeds, that’s not a problem. We spray a post-emergent that will eliminate any weeds currently growing.

After our monsoon season, you will want to have your property sprayed a second time. This spray will keep your property clean through the winter. Simply schedule your property to be sprayed twice a year and never worry about weeds again!

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will start to see results after an initial application. The existing weeds and unwanted vegetation will wither away between 10-14 days. If ample time has passed (30 days) and weeds have not gone away and/or new weeds have appeared before 5 months, we will come out and spot spray for free – no questions asked. There is no need to call anyone else.

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We spray around the plants and away from the roots.

We ask all property owners to keep kids and pets off sprayed areas until it has time to dry and aerate. Then area is safe.

The color will fade away and disappear after just a few days.

The weeds will start to wither away about a week after we spray and your property will be weed-free for 5-6 months.

Yes. If Mother Nature has other ideas and lets a weed or two grow back before 5 months, we will come back out and spot spray for free. No questions asked.

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